Bergen Regional Medical Center is committed to combating mental health stigma and providing safe comprehensive quality care.

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Leading-Edge Vascular Interventional Radiologists

BRMC is pleased to announce the enhancement of our vascular clinic, part of our Comprehensive Outpatient Medical Services, with the introduction of a new team of vascular interventional radiologists led by Dr. Kevin Herman. Learn More

Veterans Health Services at BRMC

Veterans Healthcare Services at BRMC

Bergen Regional Medical Center is an approved Network Civilian Provider for beneficiaries of TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Standard and Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Choice Program or Patient Center Community Care (PCCC) programs.
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Bergen Regional Medical Center Receives Highest Rating from Consumer Reports.

Consumer reports analyzed hospital-acquired infection data for thousands of hospitals across the United States, and rated hospitals based on how well they did at avoiding MRSA and C. diff infections. Among the three area large hospitals, Consumer Reports gave its highest ratings -- where you are least likely to be infected with MRSA and C. diff -- to Bergen Regional Medical Center! View the ABC News 7online Report

Mental Health Emergencies

Patients Quickly Seen by Emergency Physicians, Psychiatrists and other Mental Health Professionals

Separate Behavioral Health Emergency Suite Provides Privacy

There is no better choice for emergency behavioral healthcare than Bergen Regional Medical Center

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All Your Healthcare Needs
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See a primary care physician or one of our more than 20 specialists; have diagnostic testing performed including MRI and mammography on state of the art equipment; Get laboratory work done; receive physical therapy and have your prescriptions filled all at one location. Learn more about BRMC services.

Mental Health

Many people feel “blue”, sad or upset with the day to day challenges of life. These feelings usually subside. However if feelings of despair and emptiness have overwhelmed your life and won't go away, you may have depression. Depression is a very severe illness. Effective treatments exist, please seek help.
The Access Center can provide assistance.

Medical Detox

Quality of Care, Quality of Life

The Long Term Care Division at BRMC is accredited by the Joint Commission. Less than 6% of LTC facilities nationwide pursue and receive Joint Commission accreditation. Learn More


Bergen Regional Medical Center is committed to combating mental health stigma and providing safe comprehensive quality care.

It is unfortunate that instead of supporting Bergen Regional Medical Center as it provides essential mental health, substance abuse, long term and acute care services to a vulnerable population, The Record chose to promote the very stigma we fight by printing sensationalistic articles lacking journalistic integrity filled with skewed information.

The Bergen Record’s series of articles coincidentally appeared in the middle of intense union negotiations with HPAE. The focus on police reports leads readers to believe that we ask the police to intervene with patients. That is untrue. When an incident occurs, some police visits are required by the Department of Health and other regulatory agencies. In 2011, The Bergen County police set forward a requirement to be informed of all instances of alleged ‘assault’, which included any unwanted physical interaction such as touching, pushing and poking. As a result, the number of reported incidences has increased. Often times, these instances are subsequently investigated by children’s protective services or other regulatory agencies, and determined to be unfounded. This had been explained to the Bergen Record reporter on multiple occasions, and yet, she continued to put forward that alleged claims equate to substantiated claims, which is just wrong.

To read Susan Mendelowitz's full letter, BRMC's response and Dr. Kaplan's letter to the Editor, download a pdf of this message.

Three Divisions of Care...One Commitment to Excellence.

Long Term Care | Behavioral Health Services | Acute Care

Located at 230 East Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus, NJ, Bergen Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive set of quality services including Long Term Care, Behavioral Health Care and Acute Care to the Bergen County community. Bergen Regional is both the largest hospital with 1,070 beds and the largest licensed nursing home in New Jersey.

The entire Medical Center, including its Long Term Care Division, is fully accredited by the Joint Commission. Less than 6% of Long Term Care facilities nationwide pursue and receive Joint Commission accreditation.

Additionally, with 323 beds, Bergen Regional is one of the largest medical resources providing a continuum of care for the behavioral health community and is a safety net provider for the mentally impaired, elderly, uninsured or underinsured for the state of New Jersey. BRMC also provides services for those eligible for health insurance or Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

As a complement to its long term care and behavioral health/substance abuse expertise, Bergen Regional also offers acute medical services including: 24/7 emergency department; surgical suites; physical rehabilitation; pharmacy; laboratory; radiologic services (including digital mammography) and more than 20 ambulatory specialties available through the BRMC Clinic. You can have all of your outpatient healthcare needs fulfilled in one convenient location.

Whatever your medical or mental health needs, Bergen Regional Medical Center is committed to providing you or your loved one with compassionate and quality care.

May Is Mental Health Month

We all know about the importance of taking care of our health—eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising. Healthy habits positively influence how a person feels and how their body functions. But good health involves not only caring for our body, but also our mind.

The fact is our mental health is integral to our overall health. Far too many Americans fail to incorporate this principal into their health choices. Yet, overall health and wellness are not possible without it.

What is mental health? If you were to ask your office mate, spouse or neighbor, they may respond that it is a “state of mind,” “being content with life” or “feeling good about yourself.” Simply put, mental health is the ability to cope with daily life and the challenges it brings.

When a person has “good” mental health, they deal better with what comes their way. By contrast,“poor” mental health—such as feeling overwhelmed by stress —can make even day-to-day life difficult. Poor mental health can also significantly harm a person’s physical health. For instance, research shows that stress is closely linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. It also shows that people who feel depressed or chronically stressed may have a greater risk of physical illnesses.

The good news is there are many healthy choices and steps that individuals can adopt to promote and strengthen mental health—and overall health and well-being.

A healthy lifestyle can help to prevent the onset or worsening of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions, as well as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic health problems. It can also help people recover from these conditions.

May is ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’, and Bergen Regional is raising awareness of the role mental health plays in our lives by providing tips and resources so anyone can take steps to promote good mental health. These include building social support, make food choices that promote mental and physical health, recognizing the signs of stress, and knowing when to reach out for help.

Just as Americans have learned there are things they can do to reduce their risk of heart disease and other illnesses, Bergen Regional wants to help people learn what they can do both to protect their mental health in tough times and also to improve their mental well-being throughout their lives.

We need to care for both our body and mind.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health or substance abuse services, call the Bergen Regional Access Center at 1.800.730.2762

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