The 4 Best HGH Supplements To Boost HGH Levels

The market is now full of different kinds of supplements for men and women. Yes, there are so many variations to choose from. One of which is the human growth hormone or HGH. 

For an overview, HGH is primarily produced in the pituitary gland which plays a major role in adolescents and kids. This hormone is significant in the body as it regulates bone and muscle growth, metabolism and entire body composition. Based on research, when the body’s HGH levels go down, aging occurs. Thus, increasing the release of such hormones helps slow down the effects of aging. If you have not yet chosen the apt HGH supplement for your body, check out this list to know more.

1. GenF20 Plus

If you want safe, natural and effective, choose GenF20 Plus. This HGH supplement is highly recommended by health professionals as it lacks grave side effects. GenF20 Plus is packed with an oral spray and top-of-the-line supplement composed of peptides, nutrients, and amino acids. Since it is made of natural ingredients, it is great to use it long-term based on research studies. 

This HGH supplement helps slow down aging may also be used by women. It is an all-in-one supplement in the sense that it promotes muscle building, improves the appearance of the skin, as well as enhancing libido and memory. A more regular sleeping pattern is also one of the perks if you take GenF20 Plus. More importantly, it boosts the immune system keeping the body safe from contracting diseases.

2. GenFX

This top-quality HGH releaser is very popular among men who want to look and feel young. Made with natural ingredients such as Panax ginseng powder, soy phosphatide, and other animal-based components, GenFX works at its optimum with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. In order for you to build up some muscle mass, it takes exercise and healthy eating for GenFX to produce desirable effects on the body.

This supplement is often the choice of most men because it does not have side effects as it helps increase sex drive and improve mental abilities. GenFX is an all-natural supplement perfect in combatting aging. 

3. HGH X2 by CrazyBulk

HGH X2 is the supplement to try if you plan to burn some fat and gain lean muscles without compromising your health.  It is an HGH releaser that helps increase the levels of such hormone in the bloodstream. This all-natural supplement is composed of important amino acids that give you fast recovery during physical training. In just a month, results are visible. Unlike other supplements, this is easy to take as you only need to take 2 capsules every day. After clearing with your health provider, it is advised to take this at least 60 days to see the much-awaited results. HGH X2 should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. 

4. Provacyl

If women have menopause, men have andropause. With age, the ability to produce certain hormones in men decreases. As men age, there is a decrease in the production of certain hormones such as HGH and testosterone. And that’s how Provacyl helps in fighting andropause. This supplement improves sex drive, increases testosterone levels and makes you feel younger and stronger. 

Provacyl is composed of natural ingredients such as gingko Biloba and chaste berry making it safe to use. Just like other supplements, Provacyl must be taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Men are most likely to have optimum erections while taking this supplement on a daily basis.

Beginners guide to HGH and Supplements:

Why is HGH significant in men?

This specific action of HGH makes a lot of men interested as it keeps that fountain of youth flowing through the years. This hormone keeps the skeletal system strong and the muscle mass increases after a series of HGH injections. Athletic abilities are also enhanced lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. That’s why men love this supplement because it makes them strong and seems ageless. It also plays a role in their sexual function. HGH is believed to boost libido making men more capable of sexual performance.

What happens when there is a lack of HGH?

Like any other hormone in the human body, an imbalance would mean health problems. When the pituitary gland is damaged, production and secretion of the human growth hormone will be greatly affected. For the worst cases, a person may lack HGH in the body. The usual causes of this damage would be due to trauma to the head, radiation therapy or body infections. Another case would be if there is a tumor growth within the pituitary. Production of the human growth hormone will greatly be affected.

When there is no production of human growth hormone in the body, a lot of clinical problems arise such as:

  • Mental incapability
  • Depression 
  • High risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Lethargy
  • Bone and muscle weakness

Living long and not old

Men and women would love to live their lives to the fullest. And that can only be done if the body is strong and healthy. HGH supplements have paved the way for adults to commit to their long-life dreams. In many research studies, the use of HGH supplements with exercise and a healthy lifestyle helped improve the overall body condition. Being meticulous on the food to eat or type of physical activity to perform works well with a chosen HGH supplement. Sticking to a balanced diet and a strict exercise schedule would help lower the risks of acquiring chronic diseases.


Are there hazardous side effects of HGH supplement use?

  • Before using any type of supplement, it is best to consult a health professional first. This is to rule out any underlying medical condition you might have. As for side effects, HGH treatments may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle pain, insulin resistance, and edema.

Do human growth supplements produce desirable results if taken without exercise?

  • HGH supplements work best when a person has regular physical exercise and a balanced diet. No supplement of any kind will be effective without succumbing to a healthy lifestyle.