The 5 Best Legal Steroids For Bulking, Cutting And Strength

Most young people regularly go to gym for intensive exercise. Many legal steroids are available in the market which can give them fast growth of muscles without all the harmful side effects of the anabolic steroids. The legal steroids are safe and can be purchased over the counter. But it is not easy to find out the right legal steroid without the knowledge of its ingredients. This article aims to help you out by providing you reviews of five best legal steroids. The reviews are based on scientific methodology and analysis of the experiences of various authentic users.

Methodology Of Ranking

The legal steroids are ranked as per their merits. Strict scientific methodology has been followed for deciding the rankings. All the products are examined through the following criteria:

  • The first step is to analyze the ingredients of the product. Our research team investigates the extent of its ability to increase the level of testosterone and the maximum dose permissible to avoid side effects. The ranking is done according to the extent of adherence of the product to these norms.
  • Sometimes manufacturers include high caffeine in order to give a sudden quick jerk. But it is harmful in the long term. Such products are far from transparent and the manufacturer has secret agenda to impress the users. After critical checking by our expert team such products are excluded from our rankings.
  • In some products we find secrecy in declaring the details of all the ingredients. There is a tendency to hide some constituents and their doses. Such products are outright rejected.
  • Emphasis is given to products which include well known effective minerals and herbs such as vitamine D3, Magnesium, zinc, horny goat, fenugreek etc.

The legal steroid Testogen has topped the list after passing through all the above criteria. Hence we have placed it in the topmost ranking among the five legal steroids, examined. The other legal steroids are ranked as per their merits.

Testogen has been found to show extremely good results within a month. It has come on the top in all the faculties such as quick growth of lean muscles, enhancing strength, burning of excess fats, increased agility, hard and prolonged erection and quick muscle repair and recovery.

The 5 Best Legal Steroids In The Market

1. Testogen

Testogen:  The users of Testogen call it a miracle drug. It is not a steroid and hence is devoid of any side effects on the body. It is made out of natural ingredients. We all know that the muscular body, body hairs, bass voice in the males are all due to the hormone called testosterone. Though female body also has small quantity of testosterone hormone but it is found abundantly in the males. Increased testosterone in males gives muscles, energy, power, highly efficient sexual strength and a great manly look. By the theory of natural selection the females are attracted to such males expecting the ecstasy of repeated orgasms.

The medicine can be safely used by sprinters, body builders and old men wishing to have enhanced look and strength. By taking the medicine as per the prescribed doses you get the following benefits:

  • Highly effective muscle recovery
  • Quick growth of lean muscles
  • Unnecessary fats are burnt
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Quick recovery of damaged cells of the skin giving you healthy and shining skin
  • Makes you full of energy. You lead a highly spirited and active life.
  • Increases libido. You get higher level of sexual satisfaction with rock solid and lasting erection.
  • Completely safe. It is a natural drug and do not have the side effects which are found with the anabolic steroid drugs.

DOSES: 4 capsules daily

Our sample survey with 50 peoples of varied age groups has confirmed 100% success rate. The effects of the medicine started showing within a month. Each person was given four capsules a day and there were no changes in diets and exercises. The persons showed increased strength and energy. The sexual performance became better with hard and prolonged erection.

Testogen is the best drug in the market. It is safe with natural ingredients unlike anabolic steroids. Though the drug enhances the production of testosterone in males but it is not a steroid.

2. D Bal

Before telling the readers about D Bal, let me have some talk on Dianabol which is known as the Hercules Steroid. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid and was widely used by athletes and body builders in some form or the other. It showed the results within as low as 3 to 4 days. It was very popular. But soon it was noticed that its long term effect on the body is far from good. Many could not sustain it due to its many side effects. It is not being used nowadays.

D Bal has been prepared from natural ingredients in order to replace Dianabol. It has all the good effects of Dianabol without the harmful side effects. D Bal is just a replica of Methandrostenolone, which is the main constituent of Dianabol. So D Bal has come out as the legal alternative of Dianabol.

Among other ingredients D Bal has the famous Indian herb Ashwagandha which had been used by the Indians since time immemorial. The benefits of the herb are:

  • Enhances leaner muscles
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Reduces unnecessary fats
  • Enhances aerobic capacity or VO2 MAX

Dose: 3 capsules every day. The capsules are to be taken around 45 minutes after you complete your gym.

Our sample survey has shown that the effects of the drug are best identified after 1.5 to 2 months. The drug is absolutely safe. No toxicity was found in the kidney and in the liver. It has no effect on blood pressure elevation.

Benefits Of D Bal:

  • Unlike Dianabol,D Bal is a safe drug as it is made of natural ingredients.
  • You get faster growth of lean muscles
  • Increases libido, stamina as well as strength
  • No need of any prescription
  • Keeps you active and spirited all the time

3. Testo Max

Testo Max is a legal steroid which enhances the production of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is an important hormone of the body which is responsible for muscle growth, strength, vigor and enhanced libido. Increased amount of testosterone hormone is particularly important for the young peoples who are in athletes, body building and for other persons who are in exercises with a desire to have a great manly look.

It is true that anabolic steroids are able to give you effective results within short period of time. But in the process it causes irreversible damage to the body metabolism. Testo Max is made out of natural ingredients which is capable of increasing the production of testosterone without the bad effects of steroids. This is the reason why such drugs are known as legal steroids.


  • It takes longer time for the body to repair the muscles after exercise
  • Muscle growth is very slow
  • Libido becomes low causing dissatisfaction and anxiety
  • Testosterone is responsible for hair growth, hence lack of testosterone causes loss of hairs

Testo Max contains selected natural ingredients. The selection process has passed through vigorous research by medical professionals. The various clinical trials on volunteers have established its efficacy beyond doubt. One of the important constituents of the drug is D-aspartic acid. It helps the body to increase the production of testosterone hormone. This along with many other important natural ingredients benefits the body in the following ways:

  • Quick recovery of damaged muscles after heavy exercise
  • Faster growth of lean muscles
  • Burning of the excess fats
  • Improved sexual performance due to harder and long lasting erection
  • Safe with no harmful side effects
  • Completely natural and contains no artificial chemicals

Dose: Four capsules are to be taken daily. For good effect you should take the capsules prior to breakfast giving a gap of 20 minutes. The drug is to be taken continuously for two months for getting the effects sought.

4. Trenorol

The readers must have heard the name of Trenbolone. Trenbolone was very popular among the body builders and athletes due to its fast results. It used to give the young men everything which they desire during youth for attracting the other sex. It is versatile and most effective steroid. But within a short period of time the users started to notice the many side effects of the steroid like erectile dysfunction. The medicine was declared illegal steroid and the people also stayed away from the steroid.

To fill in the gap the medical experts have come up with one wonder drug named Trenorol. You get all the benefits of Trenbolone minus the side effects. This is because Trenorol is composed of naturally found ingredients from herbs, seeds etc.

The most difficult task faced by the men who are in vigorous exercise is to burn the fat and increase the muscles simultaneously. For fat burning you need to diet while for stronger muscles protein intake must be enhanced. Again Calcium is a fat soluble mineral and hence requires fat and vitamin D for absorption. To meet these both ends meet, Trenbolone was used. But due to the following reasons people got away from it:

  • Very expensive
  • Need to be pushed by large injection needle which is painful
  • Illegal
  • Decreased libido with erectile dysfunction

With Trenorol you get all the good effects of Trenbolone which is an illegal steroid with harsh side effects. It mainly works by enabling the body’s nitrogen retention power. Thus it helps in protein absorption. It also increases the flow of blood thereby reaching more oxygen to the muscles. Protein and oxygen are two most important building blocks of the muscles.

Dose: You have to take 3 capsules prior to workouts keeping a gap of 45 minutes.

5. Anadrole

Anadrole: Anadrole is the legal alternative to the powerful anabolic steroid named Anadrol. Anadrol is the trade name of the steroid Oxymetholone. Anadrol is an illegal drug having very fast action on the body metabolism. The users find increased muscle, strength & agility and high libido even within a day. But the dark side of this illegal steroid is quite severe. It is highly toxic and damages the liver. It causes irreversible damage to the body.

The drug Anadrole has been prepared to serve the same purpose but without any side effects. This is made by mixing various active natural ingredients. The best thing of using the natural ingredients is that they never damage your body.

While understanding the methodology of the working of this legal steroid, we have to know the process how the body works to develop its muscles. We all know that the red blood corpuscles supply oxygen to the different organs and parts of the body after assimilating the oxygen from the lungs. Anadrole works by increasing the supply of the blood thus providing more oxygen to the muscles. The muscles get its fuel to enhance the size and power. It also helps in quick recovery after cell damages which happen due to intensive exercises.

Benefits expected:

  • A safest replacement to the illegal anabolic steroid named Anadrol
  • All the constituents are natural
  • Enhances the mass of muscles
  • Quick recovery of damaged muscles
  • No need of injection
  • You start feeling the results within 15 days
  • Enhances libido, stamina and power

Dose: Take two numbers of Anadrole capsule prior to breakfast keeping a gap of 20 minutes. You have to continue taking it for two months and then stop for 1.5 months.

Anabolic Steroids Versus Legal Steroids

The Anabolic steroids are prepared synthetically similar to the male growth hormone Testosterone. This is primarily used as a medicine for the patients who have issues such as wasting of muscles and malfunctioning of testosterone production. But very quickly it came to the notice of the body builders who are impatient to build powerful big body within shortest possible time.

Legally this medicine is not permitted for the healthy persons and exclusively meant to be used for the hapless patients who have no other go. The anabolic steroids are the replica of different human hormones and are manufactured synthetically. These hormones are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DTH). The doctors sometimes prescribe this steroid for AIDS and Cancer patients.

For healthy people anabolic steroid causes various damages in the body. The side effects include:

  • Damages to liver and kidney
  • Heart ailments
  • Coronary stroke
  • Decreasing size of testicles
  • Reduced sperm-count
  • Cancer of prostrate
  • Baldness
  • Formation of female like breasts

The Anabolic steroids are somewhat addictive in nature. It shows withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, no appetite, absence of libido and strong craving for the anabolic drug.

The use of Anabolic steroids is illegal for the normal healthy persons without the authorized prescription by a medical practitioner.

Legal steroids are prepared by the medical fraternity to save the young aspirants from the bad effects of illegal steroids. Basically these are not steroids but named such to imply that the legal steroids can safely be used in place of anabolic steroids. The legal steroids are prepared from the various kinds of natural ingredients which have the similar effect as that of the anabolic steroids barring its side effects.

The legal steroids can be used safely and legally over the counter. The ingredients used are well known natural substances, most of which are used in various countries to treat ailments. For example let us take the case of creatine. This substance is found abundantly in fishes as well as in meats. It has a profound effect in muscle building.

All the legal steroids are made out of natural ingredients and hence declared safe for use by the athletes and body builders. Such legal steroids may not be as fast as the illegal steroids but the users get results within 15 days to a month. The capsules can be taken orally with water. There is no need of going through the painful injection process.


Q1. What are the pros and cons of Anabolic steroids?

Ans. Anabolic steroids are synthetic replica of human testosterone hormone. It is very effective and fast acting. But it has severe side effects which are highly detrimental for the body. Sometime it may cause irreversible damage to the brain, kidney and liver.

Q2. Is it true that legal steroids have no side effects?

Ans. Yes. The legal steroids are made from natural compounds and are allowed to buy over the counter. Intensive researches have confirmed that legal steroids have no side effects.

Q3. Do the legal steroids are as effective as the anabolic steroids?

Ans. The legal steroids would give similar results as are found with anabolic steroids. Unlike anabolic steroids which are fast acting, the legal steroids may take a month to show its results.

Q4. Why should I take legal steroids?

Ans. The steroids are meant for persons like athletes, body builders and young persons in workouts who desire to have a manly look. Such persons must select legal steroids to get quicker results without the risk of harmful side effects. These drugs are made of natural ingredients and legally permitted to consume over the counter. The legal steroids are completely safe.

Q5. In your view which legal steroid is ranked topmost in the market?

Ans. Testogen has been marked as the topmost ranked legal steroid in the market.