The 5 Best Penis Extenders To Buy [2020] Updated Reviews And Results

Penis Extenders and Stretchers

Sex is the most important source of entertainment and pleasure in this stressful world and the true sexual satisfaction can only be achieved through mutual coordination and communication between the partners. Taking clue from Kamasutra, the modern science has discovered the hidden treasures in the female body.

Right ways of touching, tickling and adoring with fingers, kisses and tongue at various sex points in the female body to reach repeated orgasms are well known to all the males. Apart from the muscular and no-fat body, the organs of the male which the female likes to fondle are the giant penis and the testicles. Most men suffer from lack of confidence due to the small size of their penises.

Science has developed a unique device called penis extender (Stretcher) which fulfills the desire of all such men with 100% success rate.

The online market has numbers of penis extender brands and it is not easy for the customers to decide the right choice. Most penis extenders are projected with fake praise and appreciations and it is practically impossible to select without the knowledge of the device and scientific methodology for checking the quality and performance of the devices. We give below the reviews of the best penis extenders of the market.

What is a penis extender and how does it work?

Penis extender is a mechanical device which is designed to give slow and gradual traction to the penis. The device is supplied along with detailed instruction. You have to meticulously follow the instructions provided with the device. There is no side effect and you would feel the difference within a short time.

When the traction is applied to the penis microscopic tears appear in the tissues which can only be seen through microscope. The process is completely painless and harmless.

By regular use such tears tend to become permanent and the body recognizes the gaps in the tissues. The body then starts to repair the penis by cell division which in medical terminology is called mitosis. The next stage of filling up the tissue tear is called cytokinesis in which the nucleus of the cell gets divided and new tissue grows. Throughout the course of treatment tissue growth takes place resulting in increased length of the penis.

The Scientific process which we follow in our honest and transparent reviews

  1. Each product is taken to our laboratory for checking the parts of the device. The issues which are considered are longevity, safety issues, possible reaction to skin, traction pressure and rate etc.
  2. The device is practically tested on volunteers to look for the performance of the device including the rate of penis growth.
  3. The good will and reputation of the manufacturer.
  4. Price and guarantee clauses
  5. All the authentic expert reviews are analyzed. The customer feedbacks are analyzed taking the help of statistical formulae.
  6. Continuous updates are carried out to track new entrants or deterioration in quality and performance of existing ones.

The 4 Best Penis Extenders (Penis Stretchers) To Buy

1. Quick Extender Pro Deluxe

Its a medically approved device which uses the latest “Double Strap Support System or DSS”, manufactured in USA. The traction to the penis is given by a highly calibrated spring through a mechanism that ensures slow and gradual traction force. The DSS design ensures even and uniform traction force on the penis head.

The device is light and comfortable which is made possible by using materials such as two numbers of silicon tubes conforming to the medical grade, deluxe grade comfort pad, aluminum rods, aluminum attachments and aluminum traction system.

The comfort pads are provided with air pockets so that it can breathe while working. This is a great development as the ordinary penis extenders develop bacteria for want of proper ventilation which causes bad odor and prepares the environment for infection at later stages.

The comfort and clean environment factors are very important as the penis extender needs to be worn for 3 to 6 hours a day for months together in order to achieve the desired results.

Quick Extender Pro is light, comfortable and exert gradual even traction force to the whole penis and its tip through its double strap system enabling you to wear it for hours daily while performing all your daily activities.

The analysis of users’ data collected by the company shows 6% growth in first month, growing in the same rate to 36% in the sixth month.


  • Light and comfortable and hence can be worn for hours while doing all daily chores
  • Unique design of double strap system ensures even pressure to the penis and its tip
  • The air pockets in the comfort pad ensures odorless and bacteria less wear for hours
  • The dual tubes are made of medical grade silicon.
  • Most of other accessories are of high grade light aluminum alloy
  • Visible results can be seen within a month with 6% growth of the penis
  • The device is supplied in pre-assembled condition along with instructions and technical manual in a well decorated robust packing looking like a medical device
  • 6 months money-back guarantee and 100% success commitment
  • Possibility of slippages is not there with the device
  • Maximum traction force is fabulous 4000 gm


  • For best results the device is to be worn for 6 hours daily for a minimum period of six months.

Cost: $179.93

2. SizeGenetics

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Its a mechanical device which uses calibrated high quality springs to get the traction force on the penis. The user would need to assemble many small parts such as:

  • Extender Base
  • Extender Front
  • Spring Bars
  • Tension Springs
  • Elongation bars
  • Comfort Strap

Instructions to assemble the device are given in the instruction book and the assembly is quite simple. In order to customize the device suiting the varying penis sizes, Elongation Bars are supplied. There will be three sizes 1.5 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm.

For safe and successful results you have to go through three stages.

In the first stage you are to acclimatize yourself to the penis extender. Set comfortable traction force and wear the device for 2 hours daily. This stage should last for three weeks.

In the second stage Increase gradually the tension and using time to 8 hours a day. This stage is for 5 weeks.

In the third stage start using the device with maximum tension of 2800 gm for 8 to 10 hours for ten months.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Guaranteed result
  • Medical grade materials are used
  • Can rectify penis curvature
  • The provision of extender Bars makes it customized


  • You require to assemble many small parts
  • Traction force is limited to 2800 gm only
  • Comfort features are not sufficient compared to other penis extenders

3. Male Edge Extra

Its a mechanical device and phalogenic in nature. The device can accommodate all the human penis sizes. This will help your penis to grow naturally and permanently. Like all natural process it will take some time and hence the users must have patience, confidence and determination to achieve the goal.

The device is made is such a way that you can use it while doing all your daily chores, while travelling and while sleeping. The product is packed in a comfortable packing so that you can carry the device while travelling without requiring discontinuation of the exercise program.

During the exercise session there is no need to interrupt your sexual enjoyments. It can be used by all men who feel that their penis needs enhancement.

The device consists of a ring, head support, two extendable arms. The user will be able to feel the difference within a month but for best result the exercise is to be continued for 6 months. The results are likely to vary depending on the metabolism and constitution of the users.

It can easily be worn. The device is supplied along with some accessories such as arm extenders, rubber straps, instruction brochure, bubble bag and rulers for measuring the penis.

It is manufactured in Denmark and the manufacturer is the pioneer in the field of penis extender. The company gives Money back guarantee after one year of diligent use as per the company instructions.

The cost is 149 Euros.


  • The device is light and comfortable
  • Manufactured by the pioneer company for penis extender
  • This is an improved version based on research & development
  • One year money back guarantee
  • Made from medical grade high quality materials
  • Packed in travel bag for persons requiring travelling
  • Spare accessories are supplied along with the device
  • Can be used by all men above 18 years of age
  • Rectifies penis curvature


  •  You have to use it meticulously for 6 hours daily for 6 months

4. Phallosan Forte

Its a claimed to be the only device in which the penis is protected by creating vacuum. The traction force is provided by a stretch belt. The stretch belt is to be worn around your lower back and abdomen. The penis can be placed to the side as per your choice and you can wear your underwear comfortably. You can do all of your daily activities safely and comfortably for 8 hours with the device fitted to your penis.

The device is clinically tested and has no side effects. The penis is placed comfortably embedded in vacuum and the stretch belt gives gradual force up to a maximum of 3000 gm. You can also set the traction force as per your choice.

Main Components of Phallosan Forte penis extender 

  1. Suction Ball is for creating vacuum pressure and the user can adjust the vacuum with his hand through a 3-way valve.
  2. Suction Bell is for accommodating your dick and is available in three different sizes to suit your penis size
  3. Sleeve condom is provided for protecting the penis as well as the device and is available in three different sizes
  4. Protector cap to cover your penis tip
  5. Tension clip for transferring the stretch belt force to the suction bell
  6. Elastic belt is the stretch belt for giving orthopedic traction to the penis


  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Fully customized to suit all sizes of dick
  • Can rectify penis curvature
  • Supplied along with instructions and technical brochure
  • The device is invisible to others and you can do all of your daily chores
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure system
  • Painless and without any side effects


  • You have to assemble many small parts while wearing
  • Expensive compared to Quick Pro
  • Needs to wear for 8 hours every day for six months
  • Cannot be worn while bathing

Manufactured in Germany and provides 2 years guarantee with 14 day money-back policy.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q1. How penis extender is different from penis pump?

Ans. Penis pumps are designed for drawing extra blood to the penis for erection. The result may be temporary or to some extent quasi permanent. Penis extender gets permanent result by following the principle of hyperplasia through painless, comfortable, continuous and natural process.

Q2. Is it true that by applying maximum traction force more and quicker extension of penis is possible?

Ans. It is true but caution must be taken to start with low traction force and gradually and slowly increase the traction force over sufficient time period as given in your instruction manual.

Q3. Is there any harmful effect of using penis extender?

Ans. There is no side effect as the process relies on natural process devoid of any surgical or oral intervention. But you must adhere to the instructions supplied with your device.

Q4. How does it affect my lifestyle?

Ans. The device will not interfere with your life habits and regular activities. It will silently do its work remaining invisible to others.

Q5. What is to be done if I want to have sex or masturbate?

Ans. You have to remove the device.

Q6. How am I to relieve myself in the wash room?

Ans. You have to remove the device before relieving yourself and fix the device after you are done.

Q7. How much penis extension can I expect after meticulously following the regime for six months?

Ans. It all depends on the device and the metabolism of the users. But you can expect an elongation of 1 inch to 2 inches.