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Get Rock Hard Penis naturally for ecstatic orgasms

Life without satisfying sex is dull and monotonous whether you are young or old, male or female. Regular sex releases many hormones and neurons which contribute to happiness, joy, agility, inspiration to work and many more. Your penis is the pivotal point in every sexual performances and your partner eagerly waits to look at and fondle the hard rock penis. In fact the very sight of such penis melts her vagina making her ready for the act.

The Penis Pumps are the unique discovery of science which are simple, user friendly and give you hard penis especially for those having mild to severe erectile dysfunction.

We believe in honest and transparent reviews. Before you decide to purchase penis pumps, we must tell you what basically is a penis pump?

Introduction To Penis Pump

This is a simple device which contains an artificial vacuum creating pump, a tube which fits into your dick and a sealing ring which is fixed at the base of your dick. The vacuum is created either by hand or by battery depending on the brand. There is no need of drug or surgical interference.

The statistics show that about 40% of the world’s young population is suffering from mild to severe ED. Also after the age of 30 the testosterone level in male starts diminishing. This is why the older population faces problems in erection. This simple scientific device can truly help this vast male population without any oral or surgical intervention and their associated side effects.

How the Penis Pump works?

All you have to do is to insert your penis inside the tube with the sealing ring seated at the base of the penis. You have to manually pump to create the vacuum. This is not required in the case of battery operated devices. The vacuum suck in the blood into the penis making it rock hard. The sealing ring is provided to prevent the blood to flow back. You have to do it prior to intercourse because it is not advisable to restrict the blood flow beyond 30 minutes. 30 minutes is quite a sufficient time to melt your partner into ecstatic orgasms.

All the penis pumps flooded in the online market are not genuine and may not give you cent percent results.

It is obvious that such an ingenuous device is extremely popular and peoples of all ages are eager to purchase one. But you have to be extra careful while purchasing the penis pump. In the internet you will find so many fake reviews which are likely to misguide you. Only our honest and transparent reviews can lead you to the right penis pumps. You can decide your choice subjectively based on your requirements.

The Methodology of our reviews

  1. Our Medico-technical experts check each product in the laboratory regarding the quality of the tube, sealing ring and the vacuum device. We know our immense responsibility as the device will deal with individual’s most important organ, the source of all happiness and pleasure. We also appreciate that your success is extremely important for your partner too. Our experts check for the quality, skin issues and performance of the vacuum device.
  2. Each product is practically checked by our volunteers to ascertain the exact level of performance and possibilities of any other misgivings.
  3.  The goodwill and general performance of the manufacturer.
  4. We also analyze the authentic feedbacks from the users to further refine our reviews of the penis pumps.

The 5 Best Penis Pumps On The Market

 1. Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet is the top ranked vacuum penis pump of the market. The vacuum pump is operated manually with the provision of a squeeze handball, which is to be operated manually by hand when creating the vacuum. The tube and the sealing ring provided are of best quality and quite skin friendly. The vacuum needs to be operated only after inserting the penis inside the chamber meant for it.

You can use the pump just before the intercourse or masturbation. The whole procedure will hardly take 15 to 20 minutes when the sucked blood will erect your penis to rock hard status.

Penomet is the first choice of doctors due to its highest level of success rate. It is not a surprise that your own doctor treating you for the ED may suggest you Penomet for erection as well as meeting the expectation of the partner giving her satisfying orgasms. This is the reason why the FDA has also approved Penomet for the treatment of ED. Doctors also uses it for treating Post Prostatectomy ED.

After achieving erection you can easily remove the device from your penis and go for mating acts.

How to use Penomet Penis Pump?

  • Before inserting the device you need to trim the pubic hairs, clean and completely dry up the penis.
  • Insert the penis in the chamber and fit the sealing ring firmly at the base of the penis to ensure that no air leaks out of the chamber.
  • Start squeezing the handball for creating vacuum and thus sucking in blood into the penis. Continue squeezing till the penis is rock hard.
  • Remove the device from the penis and go for enjoying the intercourse.
  • After you complete intercourse please clean both your penis and the Penis pump device using lukewarm water.


  • Can be used for all sizes of human penis
  • Very effective for men with erectile disability
  • For curing premature ejaculation
  • Simple mechanism devoid of any oral or surgical interventions
  • No side effects
  • Erection within a short time
  • Provision of stroking movement gives a feeling of masturbation thereby bringing quick erection
  • Approved by FDA
  • Regular use will extend the penis by about 3 inches
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rectifies ED
  • Effective both for young and old people


Factually we could not find any cons for the product except one general precaution which of course is applicable for all penis pumps. It is desirable to remove the sealing ring after 30 minutes to let the blood return. The penis pumps should not be used by men below 18 years’ of age.

Penomet Penis Pump is manufactured by the reputed company Arctic Sea Ltd. It has two versions, standard and premium costing $127 and $297 respectively. It has a warranty for 3 years with a guarantee for 60 days money-back.

 2. HydroMax X30 Penis Pump

The penis pump consists of a chamber for accommodating the penis, a valve to get the stroke for creating vacuum and a sealing ring. The vacuum is created by laws of physics using water vacuum pressure. It sucks blood into the penis and within 15 minutes you get a solid erection as desired by you. You can smoothly remove the device after erection and plunge into the sex acts. The sealing ring completely seals the chamber for any leakage and also blocks the blood of the penis from returning back.

How to use HydroMax X 30 Penis Pump?

  • Fill the penile chamber with water and place the penis inside the chamber. The sealing ring provided at the bottom makes the chamber leak proof
  • Start stroking the valve to activate the water pressure. Very soon large volume of blood comes in the penis making it rock hard.
  • When you achieve your desired erection just remove the device from your dick and go for a satisfying and pleasurable sex with your waiting partner.
  • Clean the penis and the device with lukewarm water for next use.


  • The water in the penile chamber gives a pleasing sensation and acts as a lubricant too
  • Erection within 15 minutes
  • Easy control of vacuum pressure with the help of stroke valve
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • The device is approved by FDA
  • Sturdy construction for long lasting
  • Use of high quality plastic makes it safe for the skin
  • User friendly
  • Can be used for penile exercise
  • Cures ED when used continuously for 3 months


  • The size of the penis should be 6 inches or below
  • Not permitted for men below the age of 18 years

HydroMax X 30 is manufactured by the famed company Bathmate which is considered to be the topmost reputed company in the world in the field of penis pumps.

The penis pump costs $159 plus 60 days money-back-guarantee.

 3. Hydro 7 Penis Pump

This is a very popular water vacuum pressure operated penis pump which is ideal for penis sizes 5 inches to 7 inches. 90% of the male population falls in this category. The pump runs on the hydraulic principles and creates even suction pressure on the penis drawing in large volume of blood into the penis. It consists of a sturdy cylinder having a release valve on the top of the cylinder.  In the base of the cylinder there is an ergonomically designed seal to perfectly and completely engross the groin for preventing leakages.

Selecting penis pump according to the pre-pump erected penis size is very important as less the area which is left in the penile cylinder after inserting the penis more will be the suction pressure created by the hydro-system. This is suitable for regular penis training exercise.

You can use the pump for maximum of 30 minutes at a stretch with a break of 10 minutes for best results. Pressure is automatically controlled as the water stops escaping from the cylinder top. Repeated use for 3 to 4 months can get you a permanently engorged erected penis.


  • Suitable for 90% of men population with 5 inches to 7 inches pre-pump erected penis
  • Smooth and even pressure on the penis due to hydraulic system
  • Simple mechanism with in-built pressure control
  • Pressure control is in your hand by simply operating the release valve placed on the top of the penile cylinder
  • Best quality skin friendly plastic is used
  • The transparent cylinder is having a measuring gauge to enable you to track the progress
  • Painless and pleasurable as the penis is in water which also acts as a lubricator
  • Though the pump is designed for using with water, it can also be operated pneumatically.
  • Comes with a beautiful casing giving it a look of medical device


  • Ideal for pre-pump erected size of penis between 5 inches to 7 inches

Hydro 7 penis pump is manufactured by Bathmate which is the leading brand in the field of penis pumps. The cost of the pump is $118 with 60 days money-back-guarantee.

4. HydroXtreme 7

This is a powerful vacuum penis pump working on the principle of hydraulics. The unit is provided with the following free accessories:

  • Carry case along with lock
  • Gauge for measuring the penis length
  • Cleaning kit
  • Shower strap

Another additional feature of this Bathmate product is the provision of handball for pumping unlike ordinary Hydro pumps which need to be compressed against your body for generating the vacuum pressure. So pressure control is handy and comfortable.

It suits pre-pump erected penis size range from 5 inches to 7 inches.


  • Designed for higher performing pressure
  • In- built safety is provided with maximum permissible level of vacuum pressure
  • Vacuum pressure is created simply by squeezing the hand ball
  • Important accessories are provided free with the product
  • Comfortable, safe and customized
  • Approved by FDA
  • Regular use for three months cures ED
  • Materials used are Phthalate free and safe for the skin


  • Meant for penis sizes 5 inches to 7 inches
  • Permissible for men above 18 years only
  • The price is more than the ordinary ones

HydroXtreme 7 costs $299.


Q1. Does the Penis Pump really work?

Yes. Doctors prescribe penis pumps for rectifying erectile disability. The feedbacks from the users are positive.

Q2. What is the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic penis therapies?

Pneumatic Penis Pumps create the vacuum pressure by sucking air. Hydraulic Penis Pumps uses water to create the pressure.

Q3. Can the penis pumps rectify erectile disability?

By using regularly as per the instructions for 3 to 4 months, erectile disability can be cured.

Q4. Is it painful and has side effects?

No, it is a mechanical device meant for penile exercise with in-built safety precautions. It is painless and is often pleasurable without any side effects.

Q5. What precautions are to be taken before buying the penis pump?

Measure the length of your erected penis and see that the penis pump suits the length. It is important for getting the best result. The penis pump should be of reputed make approved by FDA. Read authentic reviews and user feedbacks to finalize your buying decision.


In the above review we have tried cover 90% of the male population. As per the medical statistics the size of the erected penis of 90% men falls in the range 5 inches to 7 inches. For the men falling beyond this range there are offers from Bathmate as given below:

For penis size below 5 inches: Hydomax 5 and HydroXtreme 5

For penis size between 7 inches to 9 inches: Hydromax 9 and HydroXtreme 9

For exceptional cases of more than 9 inches size: HydroXtreme 11